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House of Wolfram will be attending Kinkfest 2017 for its first vending event EVER!

At long last, the ​unique designs of House of Wolfram will be gracing the halls of the Portland Expo Center on 4/14-16 in Portland Oregon for its first vending event ever! The finalized designs for the wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, collars, and harnesses will be there and available for sale and trying out. We will also be debuting several additional items in the works for 2017 so don't miss your chance to be one of the few to try them out for the first time.

For those who may not know, KinkFest is an annual, 3 day event celebrating sexual diversity, bdsm, fetish and leather communities. There are numerous educational classes, evening play parties, and a large vendor mall filled with products and services from local and national leather, fetish and kink businesses.

KinkFest continues to focus effort on welcoming ALL facets of our diverse leather, bdsm, fetish and kink communities. Kinkfest and the Portland Leather Alliance (PLA) encourage you to come and celebrate what we all share in common and to enjoy the rich tapestry of our varied culture.

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