House Of Wolfram was founded in the beautiful pacific northwest city of Portland OR by a single leather smith with the goal to contribute to the advancement of the BDSM lifestyle by making the finest handmade leather bondage gear in existence.

Being a member of the kink world and an extensive BDSM practitioner, he quickly grew bored with the lack of variation of existing bondage gear and set out to create fresh new looks and functions to fill the quality gap that would actually be up to his standards.

While some good quality equipment could be found through custom makers, the overall design was the same it had been for decades which presented several functional problems. This frustration inspired the creation of gear that would not only be an improvement on the current standard design, but which could be produced at a level that would benefit the kink world at large.

House Of Wolfram hopes their designs will become the new standard in bondage gear as they are safer, easier to use, and more comfortable than any comparable piece of equipment on the market. 

Every item produced by House Of Wolfram is completely handmade from scratch in the U.S.A. by skilled artists following a passion. This is their contribution to the BDSM world, to improve the lives of those living the lifestyle by offering them the finest, safest, and best looking equipment they will ever have.

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