We Need Your Help!

Dear supporters, fellow artists, kinksters, and friends,

It is a devastating truth that no one on our entire planet has gone unimpacted by the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are acutely aware of how much you are hurting right now because, unsurprisingly, we are too.

We have relied on your generosity, support, passion, and dedication to get us all the way from a crowdfunding campaign to where we are today and it has been a truly inspirational journey.

Now, we need to ask for your help one more time.

Due to complications sustained from the economic impact of the pandemic, House of Wolfram is on the verge of disappearing forever. But, if you have a vested interest in seeing what new and beautiful works black magic kinkery House Of Wolfram has to invent in the years to come, now is your time to help.


No matter how you're able to help whether it be financially or otherwise, we are right there beside you to the salty bitter end.

Please help us keep this dream alive.

Please donate to help save House Of Wolfram

Additional Support For COVID-19 Relief

Below is a link to the Oregon Community Foundation. As we are based in Oregon, if you can't help us, please at least help our community.


Oregon Community Foundation


To support COVID-19 relief funds in other states, visit https://candid.org/explore-issues/coronavirus/funds

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