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Wolfram Cuffs

Ballistic nylon liner sewn and riveted directly to the main body for extreme durability and lighter weight composition

Super soft suede pigskin lining and interior foam pad makes for greater comfortability

Steel plate anchored D ring for incredible strength 

Heavy duty snap or locking post allows for wide range of adjustment without a long loose tongue of excess strap 


Both the Wolfram cuffs and collars are lined inside with heavy duty Cordura ballistic nylon and the D rings are held in place with a steel plate. This allows for exceptional strength and durability while allowing the cuffs to be lighter and less bulky which increases comfort.


Buckle style cuffs are slow, bulky, and often require the use of both hands to fasten. This can be frustrating at times, particularly when playing with a brat. Wolfram Cuffs, however, calibrate to your size once, and then fasten in a single motion with one hand.

Wolfram Cuffs present several unique safety features such as the use of a heavy duty industrial snap instead of a buckle and how it adjusts sizes. This makes it much easier to remove quickly in case of emergency, while still being strong enough to hold fast through the wildest of rides. Its unique method of adjusting size makes it very difficult to accidentally put on too tightly, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

Both the Wolfram cuffs and collars use a unique closure method which allows for a wide range of adjustment while keeping themselves contained. No matter how small or large you make them, they will never have a long floppy tongue of excess strap, which makes them ideal for photography on all body types.

How To Use Wolfram Cuffs
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