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When you first receive your H.O.W Cuffs, they will be on the smallest setting. The heavy duty snap hardware that we use may be difficult to pop at first, but will get easier with a little breaking in.


Unsnap them and pull them open until the snap stops on the slot. Leave the strap in the slot without pulling the snap through. Do not pull the snap through the slot unless you are adjusting the size. Repeat pulling of the snap through the slot will wear that slot out over time.


Open the cuffs and gently push the snap through the slot opening the cuff completely. (Never yank the snap through the slot) Once you find the correct slot size that fits your wrists/ankles, gently push the snap back through that slot. Then pull the strap all the way through until the slot stops on the body of the cuff, then snap it shut.


Proper safety regulations dictate that you should be able to get at least two fingers in-between your wrist/ankles and cuffs when the cuffs are on. Do not hang or suspend from this product.

-We recommend you only link the cuffs with connectors that swivel.


-For our locking post option, we recommend only using the provided padlock. (Additional or replacement locks can be purchased from our website).

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