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The Wolfram Day Collar (nicknamed Pixie) brings a more relaxing and whimsical approach to our collection of typically heavy duty gear.


This product offers custom stitching and hardware color options (Details Below).


As its name implies, the Wolfram Day Collar is a thinner and lighter collar designed to be worn long term for daily wear. It is comfortable, lays flat on the body, unencumbering, water resistant, low maintenance, easily hidden under clothing, and even pairs well with formal wear.


The beauty of this collar is that its low profile allows it to go unnoticed in the vanilla world as either a fashion statement or as its owner’s special little secret as it lays lower on the neck so it rests on the chest and collarbones.


But don’t let its delicate aesthetic fool you. While the Pixie is not recommended for heavy play, like any of our products it is still remarkably durable and can stand up to a significant amount of love over the years.


The garment grade leather finish makes this collar both soft and comfortable to wear as well as water resistant and easy to clean.




Currently, this collar is only available in black leather. However, we are offering custom color options for the stitching and hardware.


The thread colors available are black, white, red, yellow, blue, green, and purple. You may choose one color for the stitching on the main body (the two arms curving around the neck). The stitching on the leather centerpiece holding the D ring will remain black



Hardware colors are available in Antique Brass and Antique Steel.

Wolfram Day Collar (Pixie)

Main Body Stitching
Hardware Color

Fits Neck Sizes 12" - 19" 

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