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(Limited Availability)

In the spirit of making new and unique things that you have come to know House Of Wolfram for, we present our first non-bondage accessory the Wolfram Danger Fan. 


The Danger Fan is a very durable and beautiful accessory whose unique design gives it a wide range of uses and abilities. What better way to waft a soothing breeze into your face on a hot day while looking fierce as hell than with a bladed black leather fan?


Constructed with aircraft aluminum, leather, and steel, the Danger Fan is both strong enough to withstand a decent amount of wear and tear as well as being light enough to carry around. This statement piece will certainly capture the attention of everyone within fanning distance.


-The Ring

The ring on the handle allows this fan to be held in several different ways, allows for easier opening, and makes it harder to accidentally drop. Further, with a finger through the ring you can make it do tricks by spinning and flipping it around.


-Sensation Play

The points on the ends of the tines feel wonderful when dragged across the skin and the long spike at the end of the handle makes for a satisfying poker and scratcher.


-Impact Play

We at House Of Wolfram do not condone hitting anyone. But for the sake of describing the structural integrity of our product, if it were to be folded up and someone were to be, say, spanked with it, it would hold up just fine.


-Electrical Play

The solid aircraft aluminum and steel construction make this tool perfect for conducting a current through with a violet wand.

Pride Flag Danger Fans


It is normal for brand new fans to be a little stiff when they are first made and therefore not fold up smoothly at first. They usually require a bit of breaking in before they are able to fold open and closed smoothly.

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