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Dear supporters, fellow artists, kinksters, and friends,

It is a devastating truth that no one on our entire planet has gone unimpacted by the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic. Medical workers, restaurant staff, bankers, civil servants, engineers, and artists alike are each suffering tremendously in their own respective ways ranging from loss of income to serious medical issues. We are acutely aware of how much you are hurting right now because, unsurprisingly, we are too.

We have relied on your generosity, support, passion, and dedication to get us all the way from a crowdfunding campaign to where we are today and it has been a truly inspirational journey.

Now, we need to ask for your help one more time.

Due to complications sustained from the economic impact of the pandemic, House of Wolfram is on the verge of disappearing forever.

All of our largest promotional events of the year cancelled immediately before what would have been our busiest season. If that wasn't bad enough, with the general population under quarantine and many local businesses closing, our wholesale orders to stores were cancelled after we had invested in the time and materials to make them which essentially completely put us out of work for the foreseeable future as well as in a scary financial hole.


if you are willing to fight for us, then we are not giving up until the very last dollar is spent and we are literally kicked out of our workshop. No matter how you are able to help whether it be financially or otherwise, we can use everyone's help because that is what it is going to take to survive this thing. So if you have a vested interest in seeing what new and beautiful works black magic kinkery House Of Wolfram has to invent in the years to come, now is the time to help.

Here is how you can help keep us alive:


Please donate to the "Help Keep House Of Wolfram Alive" cause via the orange PayPal "DONATE" button on our HOME PAGE. No amount is too little and no effort is unappreciated. This will help keep us operating by paying for our monthly expenses needed to exist such as:

-Workshop rent: $1,000

-Utilities: $187,

-Website Maintenance (domain, hosting, mailbox, plan, etc...): $45

-Business Loan payments: $450

-Unrecovered expenses for the cancelled events: $3,750

-All additional funding will go to employee salaries

-Every person who donates any amount may have their name on our list of supporters thanking you for keeping us alive (unless you wish to remain anonymous).

-Every donation over $50 will receive a 10%off coupon as a thank you.

-Every donation over $100 will receive a 20% off coupon as a thank you


If you were always thinking about getting that special set of Wolfram cuffs or collar, now is the time to order because if we don’t make it through this, it may be your last chance to get them. Plus, if we get enough sales, we just might make it through this after all!

-We’ll even sweeten the deal by offering free shipping indefinitely for all domestic orders.


No problem! We'll take any kind of help we can get and no effort is unappreciated!

Talk us up on social media and tell your friends, partners, lovers, and communities how much you love us and our stuff and inform them of our plight. Seek help from everyone and everywhere.

Take pictures of the gear you have and love and spread them far and wide. Take pictures of your friends in it too. Tell everyone how much you love them, why they’re so great and how sad you would be to see us go away for good.

If you don't have gear then link posts to us anyway with pictures from our website and let everyone know what they'd be missing out on. Tag us with @houseofwolfram on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We're also on Tumblr and I hope we get all kinds of leuds spread throughout Fetlife.

We only have a few months to get through, let's make some magic!


Alternatively, if you wish to keep helping (and we thoroughly encourage you do if possible), below is a link to the Oregon Community Foundation where you can donate to help Oregonians impacted by the pandemic. As we are based out of Oregon, our plea is that if you can't help us, please at least help our community.

Additionally, if you are looking for COVID-19 relief funds to support in other states, visit and search to find your state's relief fund you can donate to.

We will never forget you and everything you've done to realize a wonderful dream we had and we truly hope to see you on the other end of this thing. But no matter what happens, we hope we at least put a smile on your face.


The House Of Wolfram Team


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