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The best thing to happen to cuffs since leather, is carbon fiber. 


In true House Of Wolfram fashion, we have found a way to make a classic device both better, and much much prettier.


The Wolfram Spreader Bar is our take on the devious and timeless tool of torment. Made of industrial strength roll wrapped polymer stabilized carbon fiber, this material is stronger and lighter than steel and reinforcing it with black anodized aluminum fittings and stainless steel shackles.

Unlike other spreader bars that are heavy, cumbersome to use, and difficult to carry around, our spreader bar solves all these problems and adds a unique surprise.


The Wolfram Spreader bar was designed for portability and can easily fit in any backpack or toy bag collapsing down to 16" with just the turn of the collet and a push.


Carbon fiber is extremely strong. Nearly 4 times the tensile strength of steel per mass. Feel free to play heavy because you're going to have a hard time breaking this bad boy.


At less than half a pound, The Wolfram Spreader Bar is incredibly light and comfortable for something that strong which makes for easier play and even easier portability.


-Easy to Use
No buttons, disassembly, set increments, or screws required. All you need to do is hand loosen the friction collet and the spreader bar telescopes out. Tighten the collet at your desired length and that's all there is to it.


If you want to get really devious. Carbon fiber is a very conductive material and since all the fittings are metal, just touch it to a violet wand and watch the sparks fly.

Wolfram Spreader Bar


16" - 30" 

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