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Black Trans Lives Matter

The fact that our company is small does not diminish the importance of our duty to publicly take a stance behind a cause we believe in.

House Of Wolfram acknowledges the suffering that People of Color and LGBTQ+ experience and the justice they have been demanding for the trauma they have been subjected to for hundreds of years.

This movement is not new, this issue is not new, and these protests are not new. Therefore, all we can really say is that our biggest regret is not having done more sooner and that we offer our support in any capacity to amplify and encourage the voices of those crying for justice.

Starting June 1st, 10% of all our sales will be donated to the Black Lives Matter Foundation and The Trevor Project indefinitely.

For more resources on how to support the movement for social justice, sign petitions, and to take effective action visit and

We are House Of Wolfram, and we believe that:

Black Lives Matter

Trans Lives Matter

Gay Lives Matter

Native Lives Matter


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